Martin Chaplin

Martin Chaplin


Martin Chaplin is an emeritus Professor of Applied Science at London South Bank University. He is a world expert on water science.

Plenary Lecture on : The Science of Liquid Water.

Water only behaves like most other liquids at high temperatures but it is a strange and atypical liquid at lower temperatures. Liquid water is best considered as an intimate mixture of two liquid materials with differing properties; with the amount of each dependent on temperature, pressure, solutes and interfaces. Hydrogen bonding is the cause of these phenomena but confusion still exists over what ‘hydrogen bonding’ in water entails. No longer can we simply describe liquid water in terms of a number of individual water (H2O) molecules or describe water’s hydrogen bond as simple electrostatic interactions between discrete molecules. We must consider both proton quantum effects and extensive electron delocalization within the network of water molecules as neither the protons nor the electrons are pinned to individual molecules. The science underlying these phenomena and their consequences will be described to hopefully give a better understanding of the material we know as water.


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ECo MaTech will be held in Bled (Slovenia) from 19th to 21st of September 2013.

Eco MaTech is the third edition of a conference that started in 2009. The aim of ECo MaTech is to gather representatives of academic and R&D institutions, industry, governmental agencies and civil society to:

- present their work, ideas and products, 
- increase fruitful exhanges between all the actors involved in sustainable growth technologies, 
- increase the networking with sustainable growth professionals, 
- establish a general discussion platform on sustainable growth.


The conference excursion will take you to the Alpine lake Bohinj ( and waterfall Savica (
A farewell party will follow the lake trip by a boat. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

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